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The Benefits Of Washing A Car At Home

For a lot of people, washing their car seems like a pretty big chore. However, it shouldnít be viewed like this, thereís a lot of good reasons to it at home instead of taking it to a car wash.

The first is that it is a great form of exercise. Constantly moving around the car and squatting down is a great workout. Not only that, but whilst doing it means that there will be plenty of fresh air as well. With more time being spent in front of screens, the sad fact is that many people simply do not get enough exercise which has a lot of health implications.

By taking the simple step to wash a car at home, itís a much better health option. Itís also a really fun way to spend a few hours outside. Not only that, but itís a great way to speak to the neighbours and discuss what kind of products are being used and get to know people better as a whole.

The second reason for washing the car at home is that it is cheaper in the long term than taking it to a car wash. There is the initial investment of purchasing buckets, mitts and car soap/shampoo, but in the long haul, the cost of this is offset towards the huge charges a car wash will give to wash a car. This is before factoring in that there is also the need to drive back and forth to the car wash as well in order to car the car cleaned.

One handy piece of advice is that when purchasing car shampoo, make sure it is from a reputable brand, and not a generic cheap one from the local supermarket. They do not perform well at all. The reputable car cleaning brands have been around for years, and they know the exact chemical composition of a shampoo that is not only fast acting, but cost effective and safe for the paint work.

The third reason why it is better to wash the car at home is that itís actually better for the carís paintwork. When taking it to a car wash, a lot of them have the giant revolving brushes. When using these, it is guaranteed to scratch and damage the clear coat on the car. Another form of car wash is where there will be one or several people washing the car at the same time with brushes.

These brushes are coarse, and they are not cleaned between cars. This means that the dirt and grime that was on one car is being transferred onto the next, thereby scratching and scuffing the paint work.

Both of these types of car washes also use extremely cheap car shampoo. They are generally very caustic, which can also further damage the paint work, as well as accelerate any rust or corrosion that is already present on the bodywork. A car is a big investment, and by taking it to a car wash, it is really degrading the true value of the car. Should the car need to be sold down the line, it will require a lot of paint correct (and money) to reverse the damage caused by these car washes.

-- Abdul Alim - 2022-04-05


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