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The Best Kickstarter Marketing Strategies That Work

Have you ever wondered what the best Kickstarter marketing strategies are for getting your idea off the ground? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll break down some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns and how they were able to raise an extraordinary amount of funds. From social media marketing to their unique reward tiers, we’ll give you a look into what it takes to run a successful campaign. If you’re ready to make your idea a reality, keep reading!

- Source: Boost Your Campaign Marketing Agency.

Identify your target audience

When it comes to Kickstarter, the following question reigns supreme is your target audience? This is an essential step because it will determine how your campaign is structured and what type of campaigns you run. If your goal is to raise awareness for a cause, you may want to focus on running a social media campaign by using inFluencers as a tool o reach new audiences.

That being said, if you are looking for capital investments, then there are a few different ways that we recommend you approach this.

First off, always have reward tiers available with the highest tier being reserved for investors or those who provide the largest amounts of funding. Next, focus on building a foundation in the niche market that most closely matches your product or service. And lastly, be sure to establish relationships with bloggers and journalists before launching your campaign. They can be valuable partners in spreading the word about what you’re doing and pump up the public to your next project.

Create a marketing plan

While marketing is an umbrella topic, one of the most important aspects of marketing your Kickstarter campaign is to Find and connect with your audience. You need to create a marketing plan that will allow you to reach potential backers who are interested in your product.

It’s important to reach out on social media platforms and contact bloggers who might be interested in covering your project. One is to create a Facebook page or Twitter account and share content related to your idea.

Keep in mind that you’ll have a limited time frame for your campaign so you need to start marketing as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute, it will be too late!

When creating the Kickstarter page, you should always remember that it is more than just an online form. It should tell the story of what your idea is and why people should back it. Be speciFic about what kind of person would beneFit from backing the project. Additionally, make sure there are clear instructions on how backers can contribute with different amounts of money. You also want potential backers to know exactly what they are getting in return for their contribution!

Offer rewards for backers

One of the most popular crowdfunding strategies is offering rewards for backers. By offering a reward for each level of backing, you are giving backers something in return for their contributions. These rewards can range from a simple thank you card to a percentage of your company’s proFits or a trip to meet the creator and get insider access to their company.

Offering incentives will allow you to give something back while showing your appreciation to those who backed your idea. For example, if someone backs at the $1 level, they might get an exclusive update on your progress once a month. The higher levels of backing might include early access, tickets to an upcoming event, or a one-on-one Skype call with the creator.

The key is getting creative with how you offer rewards in exchange for the support!

Have a clear launch date and time

The critical aspect of a successful Kickstarter campaign is launching it at the right time.

If you launch your campaign too early, you won’t have sufFicient time to raise enough funds. If your crowdfunding campaign launches on a weekday evening, most potential backers will be busy with their day jobs and unable to contribute.

On the other hand, if you launch your Kickstarter on a weekend morning when people are checking their emails or scrolling through their Facebook feed, they will likely see your campaign and respond to it.

The best time to launch a Kickstarter campaign is around 8:00 AM PST on Saturday morning or Sunday evening. This gives users plenty of time to have seen your project before they head off to work Monday morning.

Promote your campaign on social media

The First and most important step to a successful Kickstarter campaign is to promote your crowdfunding campaign on social media. Social media platforms are an effective way of notifying the general public of your idea, as well as allowing them to back it.

If you’re looking for more exposure, consider using hashtags that are relevant to your project. These hashtags will help people Find you in their feed, especially if they have similar interests.

Another great thing about social media is that you can send out a reminder for people who may have missed the campaign launch or need to update their credit card information.

Plan for the long haul

Crowdfunding is, in most cases, a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to get the word out and build up awareness for your idea.

One thing that helped many of our crowdfunding campaigns was social media marketing. The more people who know about your idea and what you're trying to do, the higher chance you'll have of getting them to contribute.

Offering tiered rewards can also make it easier for backers to give you money. One of the best Kickstarter strategies that work is offering tiered rewards so people feel fulFilled with their contribution to your project. For example, if someone donates $10, they might receive an email thank you card from you or be added to your email list where they get exclusive updates on Kickstarter campaigns. If someone donates $50, they might receive an additional reward or a memento like a t-shirt or a poster with information about the project and what they helped create happen. This helps motivate backers when they see how much something costs and what they would get in return.

-- Abdul Alim - 2022-08-14


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