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Tourism In The World

The tourism industry is considered one of the most profitable industries in the world. It is known as the fourth most important industry in the world after the automotive, construction, and food industries. As one of the main sources of foreign exchange income of a country, the tourism industry has a deep impact on social, cultural, welfare, and private sector growth. Of course, the prosperity of tourism and the use of the benefits of this profitable industry is not so easy and requires important strategic decisions. The internal and external policies of the government, the existence of the necessary infrastructure, and, the amendment of cumbersome rules are also very crucial. Countries that are in good condition in terms of the tourism industry usually have higher economic, political, and cultural stability. Turkey, France, and Italy earn a lot of income through tourism.

According to the statistics provided by the World Tourism Organization, the tourism industry will soon become the largest profitable industry in the world. Statistics show that this industry currently accounts for 11% of GDP, 10% of employment, 5% of exports and 5% of global investment.

In addition to the fact that the tourism industry can directly bring a large amount of foreign currency into the country, it can also affect the growth of other sectors. For example, the development and growth of handicrafts, domestic transportation, and food and hotel industries are affected by the tourism industry.

Although in recent years due to the spread of COVID-19, this industry faced many challenges, with the end of the Corona, as expected, the growth rate of this industry will be remarkable. So that according to the prediction of related international organizations, the number of tourists in the world will reach one billion and 800 million people by 2030.

Tourism in Iran

Unfortunately, despite Iran's high potential in the tourism industry, we are still facing many problems. According to global statistics, Iran ranks 10th in ancient and historical attractions and 5th in natural attractions among countries in the world. This means that the tourism industry in Iran can become the most profitable industry in this country.

( رزرو ویلا شمال )

Iran become one of the most economical tourist destinations due to the high currency exchange rate for foreigners. This along with Iran's high potential to attract tourists, prepare an opportunity for this country to compete with many countries in the world. In fact, the biggest threat can be turned into the biggest opportunity. This issue requires the cooperation of the governmental sector, both in the field of developing the necessary infrastructure and in the field of amending laws.

The tourism industry can solve problems such as the unemployment rate, limitation in foreign exchange resources, export of single products, etc., which not only Iran but also other developing countries are struggling with. The potential of this industry in solving a large part of the financial problems of the countries has caused special programs to be created in order to make the most of it.

What works have been made to improve the situation?

Fortunately, in recent years, the private sector has tried to partially solve the problems related to domestic tourism. Online accommodation rental platforms such as Homsa have made all their efforts to help develop remote rural and urban areas by developing domestic tourism. You can book all types of accommodation such as hotels, cottages, villas, historical houses, and hostels in North, South, East, West, and Central Iran on Homsa website. This site is designed so that you can find the accommodation you want in the shortest possible time with a simple search and using different filters.

North Iran is one of the most beautiful places you can choose for a trip in spring and summer. By renting a residence in the north, especially in coastal cities, you can enjoy walking on the beach and watching the sea waves. Of course, the central regions of Iran such as Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Kashan are more attractive to foreign tourists. The wind scoops of Yazd, the palaces of Isfahan, the ancient monuments of Shiraz, and the historical houses of Kashan fascinate tourists.

If you are planning to travel to the central regions of Iran, we suggest you choose historical houses for rent. Many historical houses in Kashan, Isfahan, and Yazd are converted into hotels or residences and you can experience living in such old houses by renting them. Since most of these houses are located in the historical context of the city, it is possible to walk in the narrow and ancient streets. Even in parts of Tehran, there are many historical houses that have either been turned into museums or hotels.

By visiting these cities, you can get to know the rich culture of the residents of these cities and enjoy their hospitality.

-- Abdul Alim - 2023-04-25


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