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10 Proven Ways to Generate Extra Cash Each Month

Writing an effective article introduction requires attention to detail and a clear understanding of what readers will get out of the piece. Itís also important to err on the side of brevity in order to guarantee reader engagement.

Returning items that you no longer use is an easy way to make extra cash. Similarly, cancelling monthly services like Netflix, Spotify and gym memberships can add up to significant savings.

1. Offer Freelance Services

Offering freelance services is a great way to make some extra cash each month another site is www.extracasheachmonth.com . For example, many people need help preparing and editing resumes. There are also plenty of opportunities to make money working as a food delivery driver for services like Uber Eats, Postmates and Grubhub.

However, freelancing can sometimes feel like a feast or famine. Itís important to save up money for months when income is lagging.

2. Negotiate for a Raise

You can earn thousands of dollars a year if you learn how to negotiate your salary. Practice your skills by role playing with a friend who has experience as a manager and can provide feedback on your body language, confidence, strength of talking points and overall presentation.

Try to negotiate before your department submits its annual budget. This gives you more wiggle room than approaching your boss at performance review time.

3. Sell Secondhand Stuff

You can sell secondhand items at local thrift stores, charity shops that raise money for a cause and even online marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari and depop. Selling your kidsí outgrown clothes on apps like Kidizen is a great option too.

Buying secondhand items cuts down on packaging waste and helps your wallet. Plus, it gives back to your community and supports small businesses.

4. Sign Up for a New Credit Card

If you still use the same primary credit card you signed up for a decade ago, you could be leaving valuable rewards and benefits on the table. Getting a new credit card with a sign-up bonus, 0% interest rate or better rewards rates can save you hundreds of dollars in interest charges.

Just make sure you can afford to pay your balances in full each month before adding another card.

5. Build a Savings Account

If you're having trouble setting aside cash for savings, consider asking your employer if you can have a portion of your paycheck automatically deposited into a separate account. This makes it difficult to spend the money, and it can also earn interest in a lower-risk, higher-interest vehicle than your checking account.

Saving money is a key component to financial success. However, many people struggle to make it a habit.

7. Sell Old Technology

You might have a old phone, tablet or gaming system lying around that you don't use anymore. Instead of throwing it out or shoveling it in the junk corner, you can sell it on sites like Swappa and Gazelle. You can also earn cash back on technology by using apps that collect data, such as Shopkick.

Several bill negotiation apps, such as Trim, Rocket Money and Billshark, can help you save money on common bills.

8. Sign Up for a Bill Negotiation App

If youíre struggling to save money each month, consider using an app that can help you reduce your bills and cancel recurring subscriptions. These apps work by submitting your billing account and banking information to negotiate lower rates on your behalf.

Examples include Rocket Money, DoNotPay, and Trim. Some of these services charge a fee for their service, but others split the savings with you.

9. Sell Your Old Smartphone

Many people upgrade their smartphones every two years, but old phones still have value. Selling an old phone to a buyer on an online marketplace can generate extra cash.

Some sites, like SellCell, can streamline the process and pay you in cash without a hassle. This option beats phone kiosks and the buyback machines that are often seen in stores. It can also generate much more cash than a pawn shop would offer.

10. Sell Your Stuff on TaskRabbit

Nowadays, it seems everyone has a side gig. From organizing closets to painting rooms, a little extra work can make a big difference in your wallet.

TaskRabbit offers a low entry barrier for those looking to earn extra cash. As long as you pass a background check, you can start accepting gigs within 48 hours of registration.

There are also mobile apps like Ibotta, Receipt Hog, and Shopkick that can help you earn extra cash just by scanning your receipts.

-- Abdul Alim - 2023-07-12


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